The summer is fleeting, but as long as the forecast cooperates, Albertans will be out, about and exploring the mountains. One extra special spot well worth visiting this season? The Sulphur Mountain Boardwalk – a trail with one of the best views in the province!

Located in the beloved town of Banff, this absolute stunner is hard to beat when it comes to picturesque destinations and is a must-visit if in the area.

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While it’s open all year round, the warmer weather offers a chance to actually enjoy the crisp air and a high-definition panorama of the trees, rocks, wildlife and valley below.

Plus, those who are a tad afraid of heights can comfortably take the 5.5 km hike to the boardwalk, opting out of the $65+ gondola ride – though you may still choose to do this if uphill feels like a battle.

The boardwalk itself can be wandered once at the top, and guests may take the route often travelled by Norman Sanson, a man who walked to the top of the mountain weekly for 30 years before he was 84 years old.

Step by step and stair by stair, the wooden planks will eventually lead you to the Sulphur Mountain Cosmic Station, a national historic site and peak where you can turn back and see everything from a new angle.

There really is no place quite like it, especially when the sun is out, so check it out and take lots of photos!

It really is magical!


Where: Banff Gondola, 100 Mountain Ave, Banff, AB T1L 1B2