We can honestly say that we’ve never felt the need to give our food a big ol’ squeeze before shoving it into our mouths – but there’s a first for everything!

Located in West Edmonton Mall, Stuffies Pastries Cafe will leave you with a major case of the warm fuzzies – and a quick scroll through their Instagram makes it clear why.

Loaded with everything from cheese and matcha to soft serve and cream – this adorable bakery makes fluffy animal-shaped goodies that you can choose to cover in chocolate, glaze, sprinkles, and fruit.

From their crotai croissant-pocket sandwiches (the most savory item on their menu) to their fish-shaped waffle cones, this Vancouver-born spot has something for everyone – no matter the time of day or whether they have a dietary restriction.

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In addition to gluten-free options, they also have dairy-free snacks, vegan tested and approved – because everyone should be able to enjoy their Korean- inspired bites! 

The best part? It’s super affordable so pop by and enjoy! It’ll be the cutest meal you eat all day.


Where: 8882 170 St NW, Edmonton
Instagram: @stuffiespastriescafe