There’s nothing worse than not being able to kick those well-done cravings under the heat of the sun – luckily, this summer, you should have no problem scratching any itch smoked, seared, or covered in BBQ sauce because the big Brewery and the Beast Festival is set to roll into Calgary come August.

A ‘premier culinary series,’ Canada’s annual festival has celebrated the best in meat, beer, and local music every year since 2012 – and this year will be no exception!

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Featuring local vendors and restaurants, beertenders, musicians, and more – this community-oriented event will be a place where foodies and grill-daddies can gather, share, entertain and eat! Which is really what summer is all about, right?

If any of this appeals to your inner party animal or pallet – tickets for their Calgary stop are officially on sale now!

Admission starts at $152.28 and includes all food and non-alcoholic beverage offered at the event, plus eight tickets that can be redeemed for any additional alcoholic beverages – so come hungry and stay hungry!

Additionally, they also offer a VIP package which includes all of that PLUS exclusive access to private bars, washrooms, and seating areas in addition to bonus liquor tickets and experiences.

For more information or to snag yours – you can check out the link below, but hurry! This festival tends to sell out and you won’t want to miss it!


When: Sunday, August 21st
Where: 1410 Olympic Way SE, Calgary
Time: 1 pm – 4 pm
Cost: $152.28 – $255.65