An Australian-born fitness studio is coming to Toronto and opening its first Canadian location. The first-of-its-kind fitness hub, STRONG Pilates has combined pilates and cardio for an intense exercise experience. Here’s what to know.

STRONG Pilates will open its exciting new fitness spot in Toronto’s Little Italy and plans to bring its unique technology and machines to the forefront.

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According to the brand, it hasn’t been seen before in the Canadian fitness world, and lucky for us in Toronto, we get to try it out first.

The fitness spot combines Pilates-inspired, cardio-infused exercises into a 45-minute class that’ll surely kick your butt.

As for its equipment, it uses innovative Rowformer and Ride machines – exclusive to STRONG Studios. The Rowformer is a Half rowing machine and half reformer Bed while the Ride machine is a half spin bike and half reformer Bed.

“Blends the best of rowing, Pilates, biking, cardio, and strength,” shares the brand. “Bike or Row for your cardio blast? It’s your choice. The rest is in the hands of the expert trainers.”

Excited? We know we are! Though an opening date and location have yet to be shared, you can expect STRONG Studios to open its new fitness hub this January 2023.

STRONG Pilates Canada

When: January 2023
Where: Little Italy