A choice that most Canadians have to face at one point in their life is which streaming services to subscribe to. It feels like the cost of streaming services is constantly changing and it can be hard to keep up with, but we have you covered!

Check out our list of how much streaming services in Canada will currently cost you.

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Netflix is one of the most popular streaming services of all time and has had many price changes over the years. Currently, the cost in Canada depends on the plan you choose. The cheapest plan is Standard with ads at $5.99. A Basic plan costs $9.99 per month and allows streaming on one device at a time in SD quality. The Standard plan costs $16.49 per month and allows for streaming on two devices at the same time in HD quality and finally, a Premium plan costs $20.99 per month and allows for streaming on four devices at the same time in HD quality.

Cost: $5.99 – $20.99 per month


Crave just recently changed a part of their monthly pricing plan. The streaming service updated the price for their Premium ad-free package which will now be $22 per month – an increase of $2.01. Prices for Crave’s other plans stayed the same, Keeping the Standard with ads subscription at $14.99 and its basic with ads plan at $9.99.

Cost: $9.99 – $22 per month

Disney Plus

Disney Plus brings the magic of Disney to those who want to stream it at home. Canadians can choose from a variety of price points including a package with commercials at $7.99 per month, without commercials for $11.99 (an increase from its original price of $8.99) and commercial-free 4K resolution at $14.99 (an increase from its original price of $11.99)

Cost: $7.99 – 14.99 per month

Prime Video 

Prime Video, which is a sanction of Amazon, announced last year it is splitting into ad-supported and ad-free tiers starting in 2024 but the current plan will cost Canadians $9.99 per month with commercials. A Prime subscription also gives users Amazon’s shipping benefits!

Cost: $9.99 per month

Apple TV Plus

Apple TV Plus is filled with original content and Canadians only have to worry about one set price when subscribing. Apple TV Plus’s rates currently sit at $12.99 per month commercial-free, which is a rise from when the services sat at $8.99.

Cost: $12.99 per month

Paramount Plus


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This well-known streaming service is also planning on rolling out additional price plans in 2024 but currently costs $9.99 without commercials. Users can expect Paramount Plus to roll out new pricing for ad-supported and ad-free options at some point this year!

Cost: $9.99 per month

Telus Stream+

Telus Stream+ is an option for those who can’t seem to pick just one service but don’t want to pay for each of them individually. This service is exclusive to Telus customers but gives customers access to Netflix, Disney+ and Amazon Prime for either $20 per month with ads, or $38 per month without. Each subscription also gives users access to Telus Films & Series.

Cost: $20 – $38 per month

Now that you know what streaming services will cost you, it’s time to start binge-watching your favourite shows!