There are a lot of big shows coming out right now, from new seasons of Stranger Things and Westworld to Obi-Wan Kenobi. But, we’d be lying if we said we aren’t counting down the days until Alberta-shot series Under the Banner of Heaven is available to stream in Canada. And luckily, it’s fast approaching!

As a quick recap, the new series is based on a Jon Krakauer true crime book of the same name. The premise? A detective (played by Andrew Garfield) tries to solve a murder case in a Mormon community, which leads down the path of the history of the LDS Church itself. Little true crime, little thriller, and what is sure to be a riveting limited series to check out.

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While the season premiered on the FX Network in April, Disney+ has secured the rights to stream Under the Banner of Heaven in Canada! The series will officially release on June 8th, so honestly, we’ve only got like a week and a bit to prepare for it.

We’re particularly pumped about the ties to Alberta, which saw incredible sets around the province and even a shoutout from Daisy Edgar-Jones about where to eat in Calgary.

But, whatever the case, we can’t wait to check this new series out!