Who’s up for an adventure in the mountains? Stone Mountain Park in BC is a prime example of how much a landscape can change over time, and you can explore a variety of ancient and modern natural features as a result, from alpine meadows to waterfalls.

With complex U-shaped valleys and rugged peaks of Paleozoic limestone, the older Muswak Ranges of the Northern Rockies are far more complex and evolving when compared to the southern Rocky Mountains, offering visitors a unique adventure through 50 million years worth of tectonic changes to the land. What’s more, you can

Summit Lake is the largest body of water in the park, boasting deep blue glacier-fed waters that are perfect for a cold plunge. West of the pass lies Rocky Crest Lake, a smaller sub-alpine lake that also offers visitors swimming opportunities.

Hiking & info

Hikers have five hikes from the Summit Lake Campground area, including three shorter hikes (under 6 km) and two longer backpacking trips: The 35 km hike across from Baba Canyon (MacDonald Creek Valley Trail) and the whopping 70 km Wokkpash Valley-MacDonald Creek Loop Trail.

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Photo via BC Parks

For access to stunning alpine meadows, lakes, and waterfalls, experienced backpackers can check out the 5.7 km round-trip Flower Springs Trail.

Note that anyone planning a backcountry trip to the park or Wokkpash area are highly encouraged to carry the appropriate topographical maps to help navigate their journey.

Stone Mountain Park is accessible via the Alaska Highway at kilometre 595, around 140 kilometres west of Fort Nelson.

So there you have it, adventurers! An exciting mountain destination to add to your summer bucket list in BC.

Stone Mountain Park

Where: West of Fort Nelson, BC

Information on Stone Mountain Park is from BC Parks and is accurate as of the publication date.