This is for the people who enjoy their coffee with a sweet and spicy kick.

Starbucks Reserve® Roasteries and stores are rolling out some brand new beverages in Chicago, New York City and Seattle, and they’ll add a little spice to your regular coffee fix. 

Intrigued? Then try something different with the sweet and spicy Starbucks Reserve Hot Honey Affogato and Hot Honey Espresso Martini.

The new drinks feature wildflower honey infused with premium chili peppers. They’re a little spicy, a little sweet, and 100% indulgent.

Here’s a bit more about these two new drinks!

Photo via Starbucks Reserve

Hot Honey Affogato

Affogato is an Italian dessert that typically consists of a scoop of vanilla gelato or ice cream “drowned” in a shot of hot espresso. Starbucks Reserve has taken the traditional affogato and given it a little spicy twist.

Vanilla gelato is drenched in Starbucks Reserve Espresso and Scrappy’s Orange and Firewater Bitters, drizzled with hot honey and topped with an Amarena cherry. We’re already salivating.

Hot Honey Espresso Martini

Who doesn’t love an espresso martini? Well, this signature Starbucks Reserve cocktail just got kicked up a knock with Kalak Single Malt Vodka, vanilla syrup, Ancho Reyes Chile Liqueur and hot honey, topped with a spicy-sweet cold foam and garnished with black sesame seeds.​

Photo via Starbucks Reserve

If you really love hot honey, you can add it to your favourite brunch foods! Add a little hot honey drizzle on the Salame Piccante Pizza, Margherita Pizza, or Pancetta & Egg Avocado Toast.

Stop by Starbucks Reserve to try out the new hot honey flavour for yourself! 

You might just find that you do like it hot. 


Starbucks Reserve Roastery: 1124 Pike St, Seattle 

Starbucks Reserve SoDo Store: 2401 Utah Ave Seattle