Ready or not, here it comes! After having to order your second favourite drink in order to fill the void, the beloved pumpkin spice latte is about to return to Starbucks menu boards across Canada – and it’s bringing some tasty company!

Following months of anticipation, the company announced that it will release the PSL on August 30th but not without their frappuccino and popular cold brew alternative, as well as some delicious baked goods!

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Photo via Starbucks Coffee Canada

This year, coffee lovers can enjoy their PSLs with a pumpkin-flavoured cream cheese muffin, scone, whimsical fox sugar cookie, or a pumpkin-spiced pepita loaf – all of which sound delicious.

Of course, if by chance you get tired of gourd-spice everything, they’re also bringing back another fall sip – the apple crisp oat macchiato.

This particular drink combines layered flavours of apple, cinnamon, and brown sugar with a spiced apple – so look out for that as well!

Photo via Starbucks Coffee Canada

One thing is for sure, folks – it’s going to be a delicious season, and we can’t wait to get into it.

Happy sipping, friends. It’s officially that time again.


When: Tuesday, August 30th
Where: See nearest location here