It’s that time again! With warm weather well on its way, Starbucks Canada has released its summer menu and a brand new drink to cool off with.

The new drink is called the Chocolate Cream Cold Brew and it’s both parts refreshing and deliciously decadent.

The new Cold Brew is infused with vanilla syrup for sweetness and topped with a silky chocolate cream cold foam, “creating the perfect flavour combination to give cold coffee lovers a moment of escape this summer,” says the description.

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Photo via Starbucks Canada

Its flavour is said to transport you back to childhood nostalgia with a taste that reminds you of a chocolate milkshake or ice cream cone on a warm summer day.

There are new food items to try at Starbucks this summer and beyond, including two savoury new wraps —  the Bacon, Sausage & Egg Wrap and the Southwest Potato, Black Bean and Egg Wrap.

Both are made with cage-free scrambled eggs and will be added to the menu permanently on Tuesday, May 10.

Photo via Starbucks Canada

The new beverage will also be added to the menu at Starbucks locations nationwide on May 10.

Now all that’s left to do is hit your nearest Starbucks and see if the Chocolate Cream Cold Brew is as delicious as it seems.