It’s been two years since the Popeyes chicken sandwich arrived in Canada, delighting fried chicken lovers from coast to coast. But, we’re overdue for a new sandwich to try, and Popeyes knew it! So, they’ve released a brand new option for us, and it’s only available for a limited time.

Starting today, customers will be able to test out the Buffalo Ranch Sandwich. As you can probably guess, the sandwich is using a brand new sauce for Popeyes, combining a “creamy buttermilk ranch” with “zesty and buttery buffalo sauce”. We’re buffalo ranch enthusiasts, so this is right up our alley.

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Apparently, this is yet another “culinary masterpiece” for Popeyes, and we’re ready to put that claim to the test. We won’t lie that they’ve hit back-to-back home runs with the spicy and classic options, but a threepeat?? It’s a rare feat, no matter how much talent you’ve got.

We’re going to try it and see for ourselves though. The new Buffalo Ranch Chicken Sandwich from Popeyes will be available at participating locations nationwide… go enjoy one while you can!