It hasn’t been the smoothest summer for one of the most popular parks in North America, with fire risks and then coyote issues persisting for weeks on end. But, the Vancouver Park Board announced today that Stanley Park is back to being fully open! The best news? It took less action than they thought.

A couple of weeks ago, the Park Board announced that it would start culling coyotes to deal with the massive rise in attacks this year. Originally, the plan was to cull up to 35 coyotes throughout the park, which definitely led to some backlash. However, officials only ended up euthanizing 4 of them. That brought the grand total up to 11 this year, since 7 more were culled due to specific incidents before the announcement.

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And now, the park is back to its regular old self! Well, hopefully. There are still coyotes roaming around, but officials will shift their attention to awareness campaigns that will discourage interactions with them. And of course, they’re asking the public to know what to do if they encounter one during a visit. Hint: trying to feed it is a major no-no.

So, if you’re trying to sneak in that last little bit of late-summer sun, know that one of the most iconic spots to do so is back in action! To check out the full press release for yourself, just click here.