After several days of pancake breakfasts, outdoors shows, and long country nights – you’re probably feeling overdue for a little rest and recovery. Rather than lay in bed for a week (but you can totally do that too) we have a few ideas that might help rejuvenate your body and your mind. 

Thermal spas are becoming increasingly popular in the health and beauty biz, and for good reason. Thanks to their combination of hot and cold therapies, these treatments are known for relieving aches and pains (hello, dancing feet), detoxing the body, and boosting your metabolism. 

Sound like what you’ve been missing? Here are 5 ways to unwind after Stampede at the nearby SKA Thermal Spa in downtown Calgary. 

thermal spa
Photo via Ska Thermal Spa

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Sweat It Out

If you’ve been craving a luxury thermal spa experience without the hefty price tag, then you can opt for 2 hours of hydrotherapy access for some serious downtime at a very reasonable price. This gives you full rein of the sauna and steam room where you can sweat out all the bad decisions and walk out feeling refreshed.

Take The Plunge

Part of that hydrotherapy access means getting to use the hot and cold pools! Alternate between opening your pores and snapping them shut in a cold ice bath. Melt away tension, detox the body, and see just how relaxed you’ll feel.  

thermal spa
Photo via Ska Thermal Spa

Soothe Your Muscles

This is for those athletic dancers out there. If you’re really hurting from your signature Stampede moves, then consider a nice long massage. There’s nothing better for soothing those sore muscles, and since all SKA’s massage therapists are registered, you can claim the whole thing on your extended benefits!

Detox Your Skin

Is your skin suffering from a few too many bevvies or Midway treats? Don’t stress. All will be forgiven, and those memories are forever (unless they’re too hazy). Unwind with a detoxing facial for clear skin and a clean conscience. 

Find Your Zen

Elevate your spa treatments with some high-tech next level relaxation. NuCalm is an add-on feature that employs noise cancelling headphones and tailored sound waves to relax your mind. Add them to your hydrotherapy session for a full body zen experience. 

Time for a spa day!