Calling all pancake, syrup, and griddle lovers! If there’s one way to start off the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth, it’s with a famous pancake breakfast. This long-standing tradition is hitting its 100th anniversary, and we’re on a mission to map every free stampede breakfast happening in Calgary.

It all began in 1923 when the racers of the Calgary Stampede’s first chuckwagon races gathered and served the original pancake breakfast. After 100 years, thousands of volunteers, and countless pancakes, we continue to honour this tradition that brings our community together for good food and good times. 

Stampede breakfast

What started with a simple plate of flapjacks has now expanded to offer diverse options for every taste and diet. Get your pancakes gluten-free, vegan, or on the flip side – stuffed with bacon! The stampede breakfast is an iconic part of Calgary’s heritage – and it’s delicious

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While a lot has changed since the first pancake breakfast in 1923, the spirit of bringing people together says the same. That’s why we want you to know about every pancake breakfast happening in the city.

We’ve partnered with Calgary Stampede to create the new 2023 Stampede Breakfast Map to showcase all of the free stampede breakfasts happening around Calgary.

Hosting a stampede breakfast that we missed? Here’s how to add your Stampede Breakfast to the map:

1. Click the green ‘add point’ button at the top of the left sidebar
2. Select which day you’re Stampede Breakfast is happening
3. Input your event title, location, description, and event link!
4. Add a photo of your event if you’d like!
5. Save the map point

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