October is just a little over two weeks away and that means it’s time to start getting ready for some spooky experiences. If you don’t want to make the drive to Halloweentown, then you need to head to Snohomish to check out Stalker Farms. It’s Washington’s original haunted, immersive horror experience that’s sure to give you the scare of the year.

Stalker Farms is a state-wide favorite for getting your spook on and this year it’s back and better than ever. You’ll get to experience an in-person, up close and personal production with 8 attractions that will leave you with memories you won’t soon forget. Stalker Farms has shared with Curiocity that they have added new scenes throughout all of their nighttime attractions. They also mentioned that for Halloween this year they will be doing a special Costume Bash where you can party with some of the monsters while enjoying “special activities.”

Because this year’s production has so many options we’re going to give you a little preview of each.

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Slasher Family Homestead

This is one of three cornfield experiences you can enjoy at Stalker Farms this year. Explore a new and much larger cornfield as you try to navigate the twists and turns without running into the blood-hungry Suzie Slasher and family. Take a few steps into the corn and you’ll quickly see what all the screaming is all about.

Pogo’s Funny Farm

In a separate cornfield, you’ll find POGO the Clown. This year he and his free-range clowns have their own space and are ready to feed off of the smell of your fear and eat your laughter. Be careful, you never know where they’ll pop out next.

The Scarecrow’s Challenge 

If you want to let your competitive side out then you need to try the Scarecrow’s Challenge. In a third cornfield, you can test your reflexes in one of the most terrifying games of red light green light you’ve ever played. You need to avoid the semi-sentient Wedigourd monster inside the maze that can only sense movement through the ground and the corn. Can you make it through the corn labyrinth and past the Wendigourd, or will you become its next meal?

Clown Shot Paintball

As there’s an abundance of clowns at Stalker Farms, you might just have to protect yourself from them. Clown Shot Paintball invites you to take a seat, load 100 paintballs, and take shots at static and moving interactive targets. Be careful though because the clowns will come out to see what the ruckus is all about!

Camp Fire Rentals

Want to have a slightly more wholesome or story-based spooky night? Rent your very own campfire and tell ghost stories while warming up before or after visiting the haunts or corn maze! Psst, you can bring outside food and drinks (non-alcoholic) to your rented campfire but nowhere else on the farm.

Nightime Corn Maze

Want to wander the corn in peace? You can do that as well. The nighttime corn maze is a no-scare opportunity to walk amongst the corn and see just how lost you can get in all the twists and turns. Cool down after some scares or enjoy as is if you don’t want any scares at all.

Beer Garden

We get it, you might need some liquid courage to endure the farm. Or maybe you need to chill after being scared silly. You’re in luck because you can sip on a selection of craft beer and wine from the Pacific NW. Plus, partial proceeds from the sales will benefit NW Honey Bee Habitat Restoration. Obviously, you have to be 21+.

The Midway

Overwhelmed with the options yet? Well, The Midway is the final one. It’s where you can enjoy the Beer Garden as well as unique onsite food vendors, a giant jumping pillow (weather permitting), skill-based carnival-style gaming, and live entertainment on busy nights.

It’s not hard to tell why this haunted corn maze is so popular and with so many options it’s definitely your best bet for getting your money’s worth when it comes to spooky events. To ensure that’s the case, Stalker Farms has several ticket pricing options so you can experience as much or as little as you’d like.

Each ticket is for one-time use and all visitors must have a ticket. Double Dare tickets give you access to the Slasher Family Homestead & Pogo’s Funny Farm, unlimited use of the Jumping Pillow and other games, and access to the Midway and Beer Garden. Double Dare VIP tickets give you access to everything and No Scare Night tickets give you access to the giant, non-haunted Corn Maze in the dark, 100 paintballs to shoot at the Clown Shot Paintball Shooting Gallery, and unlimited use of the Jumping Pillow and other games and also access to the Midway and Beer Garden!

We know that’s a whole lot of info but as always, we recommend buying your tickets ASAP especially because you can score $9 off full-price tickets when they go on sale on September 26th. If you’d like to learn more or snag tickets you can visit the farm’s website. Have fun and don’t scare yourself too silly!

Stalker Farms

When: October 1, 7-9, 14-16, 21-23, 27-30
Where: 8705 Marsh Rd Snohomish, WA
Cost: Double Dare $18.95 or $27.95, Double Dare VIP $41.95 or $49.95, No Scare Night $18.95 or $27.95