Spring has officially sprung, folks! And right alongside it, a new spring forecast has been released for Vancouver this year. Whether you’re trying to plan a getaway, thinking of trying some new activities, or just curious about what Mother Nature will bring, we’ve got you covered!

If you were hoping for a super sunny spring, then unfortunately there’s some bad news brewing. According to The Weather Network, Vancouver and most of BC is in for a rainier than average spring. Although, we’re trying to look on the bright side. So, we’re just repeating the whole “April showers, May flowers” thing in our minds.

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As you can probably guess, a wetter than average spring also means a colder than average one. The good news here, we will say, is that spring skiing conditions are shaping up to be fantastic across the province, which is nice for those who didn’t get out as much as the wanted to over the winter.

But us? Well, we’re perfectly happy to go buy a new book or two and take advantage of the sunny days when they come along. And besides, this less than perfect spring forecast for Vancouver will be worth it once summer rolls around, we hope!