The season of new beginnings is just around the corner and with that comes warm weather and sunshine. But, according to the spring forecast in Canada, some provinces will have a slower start to the season than others.

In a phone interview with Curiocity, a meteorologist from Environment Canada revealed what each province can expect from the start of spring until late May.

It looks like Ontario will experience some warmer-than-average weather this spring, but sadly, it doesn’t look like that includes Toronto.

Environment Canada says that right now, they are seeing signs of “above-normal temperatures” coming to parts of Ontario, “particularly in the north and around the upper Great Lakes.”

Southern Ontario can expect near-normal spring weather in most areas. As for precipitation, there are indications of near-normal amounts in Ontario this year, but “it’s not a very strong signal one way or the other.”

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In British Columbia, “it’s looking like spring is going to be cooler than normal,” said Environment Canada.

And right now, the “long-range guidance is suggesting near-seasonal for the Prairies.”

As for Quebec and the Maritime provinces, it’s looking like above-seasonal temperatures, mainly in the northern portions.

Similar to Ontario’s case, it’s not clear what Mother Nature has in store for the southern Maritimes and Quebec just yet.

Right now, the safest bet is near-normal for southern Quebec and most of the Maritime provinces.

Precipitation levels across the country are expected to be near normal, but there will certainly be some rainy periods here and there.

Environment Canada’s predictions are a bit more optimistic than The Weather Network’s.

The weather outlet released its spring forecast in Canada on March 1st, saying that “most Canadians will need to be patient as we wait for consistent warm weather” in March, April, and May.

Well, it’s not the great news we were hoping for, but hey, at least our friends in the north will enjoy a warmer spring than the rest of us.