Post work or over the weekend. Indoors or out in the open. With the whole crew or solo. Truth be told, no matter how we celebrate it, Happy Hour is the most anticipated time of our day. And thanks to Spirits With Smoke, our at-home Happy Hour of late has been even happier.

After winning us over with their ingenious cocktail smoking kits and boards, they’ve now got us hooked to their cocktail infusion kits they call, INFUSED. Cocktail Creation.

As anyone who has tried mixing a cocktail will tell you, the key to making a perfect drink is not the right ingredients. It’s perfectly proportioned ingredients. And that’s exactly what these cocktail infusion kits do.

They come with perfectly pre-measured ingredients like dehydrated organic fruits, sugars and spices. And they use the very best of organic ingredients BTW. All you need to do is pour your fave spirit into a sealable jar, let it sit (the most crucial step) and voila, your yummy craft cocktail is ready.

Spirits With Smoke cocktail infusion kits
Photo via Spirits With Smoke

Basically, these kits let you create Top-Shelf libations in three simple steps— pour, wait (DO NOT skip this) and shake! Yes, Spirits With Smoke really made it that simple to up your home bartending skills and make cocktails taste divine.

The best part is that they even let you flaunt your polished bartending skills. The kits have been designed to give you party-sized servings. Each kit makes 8-10 drinks.

Spirits With Smoke cocktail infusion kits
Photo via Spirits With Smoke

Plus, they have you covered whether you’re a marg person or a mule person or anyone in between. There are seven different infusion kits available— Peach Old Fashioned, Whisky Sour, Gin Lavender, Margarita, Strawberry Vodka Lemonade, Vodka Moscow Mule and Gin Smash. Take your pick!

You can grab your INFUSED. Cocktail Creation kit on the Spirits With Smoke website.

To good times, chill vibes and great cocktails!