Is it beach season yet? It sure does feel like it here in Ontario. And if you’re looking for recommendations, venture to the Southampton beaches, known for its white sandy shores and rare dune grass. Here’s what to know.

Pack your bags and head to the shores of Lake Huron in Bruce County. Here’s where you’ll find Southampton’s beaches.

There are a number of beaches to visit in the area. Head to the Main Beach and explore its 4 kilometres of sandy shores.

“Although the beach itself is sandy, the water bottom ranges from pebbly to rocky to sandy,” shares Visit Southampton.

“Water shoes are recommended for the rocky sections. The water deepens quickly near the giant Canadian flag gracing the Southampton shoreline, so it is best that children and those who are not strong swimmers head to the ‘South Beach’.”

It’s a quieter spot, also home to one of Southampton’s natural wonders – their sand dune system.

“Along Southampton’s shoreline is a unique and fragile dune ecosystem,” shares Visit Southampton.

“One of the few intact natural dune systems in Ontario’s urban areas, the dunes protect the shoreline from destructive storm waves. This Dune system helps prevent further degradation of the dunes and disturbance of plant life. Loss of plants means increased erosion and, eventually, no sand dunes.”

Another spot to explore is South Street Beach. You’ll find benches and swing sets that dot the sandy shores – perfect for a relaxing escape.

Next up is Pioneer Park Beach, home to a scenic walking path along the Saugeen River. Other beaches to explore include Long Dock Beach and Miramichi Bay, as well as several beaches north of the Saugeen River.

Now this is what we call a beach day! There’s so much to see and do, we wouldn’t blame you if you stay in the area for a weekend.


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