If you’re a fan of spin, you’re going to want to hear this. SoulCycle has an interesting proposition for you, perhaps not a deal you can’t refuse but something worth considering. If you have a Peloton at home, it could take you even further by trading it in to SoulCycle. Say what?

Yes it does sound a little confusing and strange but here’s the deal. The spin chain wants to bring riders back together, in a step towards “togetherness”. In order to do that, they’re asking you to trade in your Peloton bike and join them in studio.

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In return you get the equivalent value of in-studio classes at SoulCycle. That equates to a package of 47 classes added directly to your account. What’s more, they’ll even pick up your bike so you can focus on getting back to riding with your pack.

The fine print details of this deal state that it’s only available to do the first 100 people who sign up to trade in their Peloton bikes. And those same people must reside within the contiguous United States. So if that’s you, you can learn more by visiting the SoulCycle website.