When we think of winter activities, we think of things like snowshoeing, skiing, maybe some hockey… you know, the classics. But, we were floored to find out that some devoted Canadians have been braving the frigid waters of Lake Ontario. The reason? Why, winter surfing, of course!

The whole thing reminds us of Chicken Joe from Surf’s Up. You know- the stoner chicken who hails from Sheboygan, Wisconsin. Well, it turns out that he wasn’t alone. What’s more, it’s more than just CGI chickens who want to catch the waves.

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And, the best time to do it is in the winter. The harsher weather and faster winds actually make for some pretty consistent waves, if you can brave the waters. As for us? Well, we think the beach will be our next walking spot. We’ve got them from the sidelines, but we’re not stepping on the field, so to speak.

And we suggest that you check it out, too! After all, taking up winter surfing is a pretty typical Canadian move. We wholeheartedly support it.