It won’t be long now, skygazers! The total solar eclipse will hang over Canada this spring and you’ll want the best view possible.

From coast to coast, most North Americans will have a seat for the show, but who will be front row on April 8th when the Moon passes between the Sun and Earth?

In an effort to give you the experience of a lifetime, booking giants, KAYAK broke down the top 10 cheapest destinations to visit near the path of totality and one city on our side of the border actually made the cut!

“Considering the last total eclipse was in August 2017 – and the next won’t be for 20 more years – this really is an event to travel for,” they wrote.

“Travellers are already getting prepped: we’ve seen a 304% increase in flight searches and a 15x increase in hotel searches for the dates around the eclipse vs. the same time last year. So you better make a plan quick.”

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Want to have a premium eyeshot of this year’s big celestial event?

By reviewing the average cost of flights and hotels in destinations that will experience over two minutes of totality, KAYAK was able to determine the very cheapest flight and hotel destinations to book right now.

Here is what they found!


  • St. Louis, MO: $337 average airfare
  • Pittsburgh, PA: $349 average airfare
  • Cincinnati, OH: $362 average airfare
  • Louisville, KY: $378 average airfare
  • Montreal, Canada: $422 average airfare
  • Cleveland, OH: $435 average airfare
  • Dallas, TX: $437 average airfare
  • Indianapolis, IN: $495 average airfare
  • Burlington, VT: $501 average airfare
  • Buffalo, NY: $509 average airfare


  • Montreal, Canada: $217 average nightly rate
  • Little Rock, AK: $232 average nightly rate
  • Dallas, TX: $247 average nightly rate
  • Indianapolis, IN: $289 average nightly rate
  • Cleveland, OH: $321 average nightly rate
  • Buffalo, NY: $324 average nightly rate
  • Cape Girardeau, MO: $368 average nightly rate
  • Lake Placid, NY: $390 average nightly rate
  • Erie, PA: $407 average nightly rate
  • Hot Springs, AK: $417 average nightly rate

But there you have it! The top 10 cheapest flight and hotel destinations to visit during the total solar eclipse.

Will you take your spacey adventure on the road? Let us know and don’t forget to share your pictures!

Be safe and happy viewing!