There’s really no place like Canada! From waterfalls and mountains to spectacular cities and beautiful coastlines, we’ve got some unbelievable things to do and see – but not every sight is a pretty one.

Located in southern Manitoba, you’ll find the Snake Dens of Narcisse, recognized by many as the largest in the world and one of the most unique destinations in the entire country.

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Populated with thousands upon thousands of red-sided garter snakes, this place will amaze or absolutely terrify you – especially in the springtime.

A ritual lasting three weeks, late April is when mating season begins and slithery critters surface from their winter dens to give tourists a one-of-a-kind show… and a memory (or a new phobia) that will last a lifetime.

Here you can “enjoy” watching the snakes gather in 4 giant pits from the 3.0 km self-guided interpretive trail and the observation platforms nearby – but watch your step!


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Garter snakes are totally harmless and though some might think they’re a little weird to look at, you don’t want to harm or bother them – especially when they’re so eager.

During this time, the females will be surrounded by up to one hundred males at a time in what is called a ‘mating ball’ and it can get pretty chaotic.

Interested in seeing them for yourself but missed their spring awakening? Tourists can revisit the dens in early September when they’ll return to the underground before it gets too chilly – but you’ll have to come prepared!

According to the Government of Manitoba, it’s always a good idea to have a cap and windbreaker with you, in addition to closed-toed shoes. Tails are covered with crushed limestone so hiking boots are recommended, but that’s about it.

Don’t forget to bring snacks and some water as well, otherwise – have fun. We certainly won’t be checking it out anytime soon, but we understand the appeal.

There’s really no place quite like the Snake Dens of Narcisse.


When: April – May and September
Where: MB-17, Narcisse, MB