Just because summer is wrapping up doesn’t mean we can’t still go on some outdoor adventures. And Skookumchuck Narrows Park is a great spot to explore this upcoming season.

Situated on the Sunshine Coast, the park was established in 1957 and has an extensive trail network for visitors who want to experience one of the world’s greatest “white-water wonders,” which attracts thrill-seekers from around the globe.

One of the most spectacular hikes on the Sunshine Coast, the 4 km forested path takes you through second-growth forest and ends at one of the largest tidal flows in the world via the famed Sechelt Rapids. In fact, “Skookumchuck” itself translates to “strong water” in Chinook Jargon – so visitors are in for an exciting viewing!

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skookumchuck narrows park
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Fall also just happens to be one of the best times of year to view the rapids, according to Sunshine Coast Tourism. In September and October, the rapids are expected to flow 20+ km/hour (BC Parks notes that current speeds can exceed 30 km per hour), so if it’s big waves you’re looking for, head to the Roland Point viewing area.

And if you’re looking for some exciting whirlpool action, head to the North Point viewing area.

Note that the tide changes twice daily, and the flow of saltwater changes. This results in a change in direction and power of the “incredibly turbulent Sechelt Rapids.” What’s more, the difference in water levels can often exceed 9 feet in height!

Skookumchuck Narrows Park

Where: Sunshine Coast, BC

Information on Skookumchuck Narrows Park is from BC Parks, and is accurate as of publication date.