Summer is finally here, and along with the better weather (and better everything, mostly) comes more spending. Let’s face it, we’re all indulging in a bit more drinking, road trips, eating out and maybe even refreshing our summer wardrobes this time of year. So, if we’re spending money anyway, why aren’t we gettin’ some unreal rewards and cash back out of it?! Meet Neo Financial! 

Neo Financial is a digital-first alternative to the banking scene in Canada, brought to us by the founders of SkipTheDishes (trust us, gang, they’re far from your grandparent’s bank). 

If you were ever lookin’ for more out of your bank than just payin’ fees every month (like cash back at some of your fave places and high-interest rates on your savings)… these guys’ are on it.

neo financial edmonton
Photo via Curiocity

So, what’re they all about? Neo currently has two products. The no-annual-fee credit card and their everyday bank account earn you high interest on your savings. 

Neo Credit Card

Feel like you should be getting paid to spend your money? Consider it done! The Neo Card is an everyday credit card that actually rewards you when you spend. Don’t believe us? Check ‘em out on the app to find all the rewards near you. On average, Neo rewards get you 4-6% cashback. We’re talkin’ local coffee shops, restaurants, shops, fitness classes and even grabbing gas. 

Neo Savings

Used to seeing your interest rates at 0.05% only? Us too. But if it’s starting to sound too good to be true, better get used to it, gang. Neo Financial does everything your old bank does all at a 1.30% interest rate (and yes, you read that right!). Plus, you’ll be banking with no minimum balance or monthly fees. That means that you can pay your bills, make those e-transfers, deposits, and withdrawals, and earn more money doing it.

neo financial
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Whether you’re grabbin’ a bite from Biera, a brew from CRAFT, a cone from Kind Ice Cream, or looking for a summer wardrobe refresh from The Bay – it’s time to start expecting more from your bank and making some freakin’ cash while doing it!  

Ready to get started (from the comfort of your couch)? Neo Financial allows you to easily get a credit card or savings account in the app and get approved in minutes! Plus, you can check out all the rewards near you before you get started (warning: there’s a lot!).

neo financial
Photo via Curiocity

Check ‘em out on their website here, and get ready to be a part of the future of digital banking. And, you’ll even get $25 dollars on them, just for signing up!

Happy spending, Edmonton!