You might not be able to hear us, but you better believe that we’re saying this loud enough for the people in the back. You do not have to be “taken” to celebrate love! This February 14th indulge a little because the most important relationship you’ll have in this lifetime is the one you have with the person in the mirror! In the name of all things self-care, here are 10 gifts that you can get yourself this year for Valentine’s Day!


What’s better than waking up every morning to an apartment full of lush greenery and the smell of fresh flowers? This week, whether it’s a nightstand succulent, a living room corner fern, or a DIY terrarium kit, treat yourself to something special from Canada’s Plant Collective!


Depending on where you are, you might not be able to hit the spa this weekend – but fear not. The worldwide web is at your disposal. Order some mud masks, a bath bomb or two, and (our favourite) a mini tub jet – press play on your favourite podcast and tune out. Sometimes the best thing you can do for yourself is nothing at all.


3 words. 9 letters: Silk PJ Set. Don’t ask questions, just do it. It doesn’t even matter how and what you typically sleep in – it’ll change everything! They’re just as comfortable as a good pair of sweatpants but make you feel like your fit to hit a red carpet. It’s practically magic.


Sometimes it’s hard to justify buying yourself a new pair of $200 shoes, especially when a lot of us aren’t leaving the house very often – but we say just go for it! Sneaks aren’t one of those things that anyone will get someone else for Christmas or a birthday because they’re not always a perfect fit regardless of what size you think you are, so they’re the PERFECT to get yourself. Only you know your feet.

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A few candles, a good movie, and a bottle of fine wine? This Valentine’s day, give yourself the gift of a carefree evening … and maybe a Sunday morning hangover (that’s neither here nor there.) Not a wine connoisseur and aren’t sure where to start? Hit the link above and let Good Pair Days help you decide what to pair with your takeout of choice!


Are you an anxious millennial? Of course, you are! Our generation was just told that skinny jeans aren’t cool anymore. A weighted blanket won’t fix all of your problems, but it will help you sleep through them!


Tired of everyone telling you how great air fryers are? Get one… and then join them in telling everyone how great air fryers are. Some might say that buying a kitchen appliance isn’t self-care, but we’d strongly disagree. There is nothing better than taking the plastic off of a new blender.


Sure this one might be cliche, but whether it’s a watch, a ring, or a statement piece, nothing says “I love me” like putting a rock on your own finger. Like Beyonce once said, “if you like it, then”… you know… do the thing!


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Get yourself the gift of fresh air. This Valentine’s Day, why not take yourself on a date to the ski hill? Bundle up, and hit the slopes, then get some hot chocolate in the lodge before going home and hitting the couch hard. Sounds like the perfect day to us!


My Tea Box is a sweet little tea subscription service that’s packed by hand right here in Canada. Each month, you’ll get 3 tasty blends, a heart-shaped steeper, and a handwritten, personalized thank you note from the owner of the company.

There you have it, friends. 10 gifts that you can get yourself this year for Valentine’s Day! Honestly, we’d recommend doing this regardless of whether or not you’re single because it feels good to treat yourself. You work extremely hard, you’re entitled to getting yourself something fun every now and then.