Canada’s own Marvel superhero hosted the 2022 Juno Awards in Toronto on Sunday night and he absolutely delivered. While his performance throughout the night was nothing short of perfection, it was Simu Liu’s “I am Canadian” speech that really had everyone cheering.

Liu opened the monologue by inviting someone from the audience to hit him in the face, a hilarious reference to the Will Smith and Chris Rock moment at the Oscars. He encouraged Shawn Mendes to take a swing, but the singer didn’t take the bait.

He then started reciting all of the reasons why he loves Canada ad it mix of relatable, hilarious, and emotional tributes to his home country.

“The only fight I ever lost was against a Canada goose,” he said. Drake would definitely agree with him there.

“I went to Montreal on my 18th birthday for the — wink, wink — culture,” he said.

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He then made reference to his favourite things about Toronto, including the CN Tower and Drake, and growing up on a diet of ketchup chips, roti, and Jamaican beef patties.

He also made a hilarious quip about Canada inventing the pacemaker, which Leafs fans need after Saturday’s devastating Game 7 loss.

He did take a few good jabs at Canada too. “In Canada, you can truly have everything, except for affordable housing,” he said.

“My name is Simu Liu and I am Canadian,” he shouted with pride as the crowd erupted with cheers.

Shawn Mendes also gave a powerful speech while accepting his first International Achievement Award.

“I really thought if I could just write one big hit, some people would like me, and then I would be enough,” he said.

“We’re taught to believe that what we achieve is the same thing as what we are worth. But something I know to be true now is that I was enough before anybody knew my name.”

“I’m just here to tell you that while you are chasing your dreams, don’t forget to enjoy the process. And remember, you’re already enough.”

There’s nothing like a wholesome reminder that Canadian celebs are just like us.