BC is home to many charming lake towns and hidden gems, but Silver Springs near Fernie is a must-visit summertime destination.

Situated near the small town of Elko, Siver Springs is a great spot for lake day enthusiasts. According to Tourism Fernie, there are not one, not two, but three spring-fed lakes with beautiful ‘deep blue’ waters. And all three are lined with dramatic cliffs!

So if you’re looking for a scenic stop on your next road trip through the area, you’ve just found it!

To see all three lakes, visitors can embark on a short day hike beginning at the parking area. The first lake is a popular spot for swimmers, kayakers, stand-up paddle boarders, and cliff jumpers.

The first lake is known as an iconic cliff jumping spot, so if you’re after a quieter escape to nature, there’s a lake trail leading to the second and third lakes, which are also spring-fed and great for fishing enthusiasts.

Here, fishers can find rainbow trout weighing up to three pounds!

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Note that cliff jumping is a risky activity, and jumpers should be extra cautious of not only where they jump, but where they hit the water. Fortunately, the lake’s clear waters make it easier to spot the deeper areas for jumping.

So there you have it, lake lovers!

Silver Springs

Where: Elko, BC