When Seth Rogen & his long-time creative collaborator Evan Goldberg launched the cannabis company Houseplant, people were hardly surprised. Rogen, one of Canada’s (and Hollywood’s) most successful funnymen, has become synonymous with weed through the past 2 decades of on-screen work. Houseplant, which initially launched with pre-rolls and flower, has now become one of Canada’s most successful cannabis beverages. And, naturally, Rogen and Goldberg are very chill about it.

The tagline on the website for Houseplant reads “We have a sincere love for cannabis, and think it should be treated with the reverence it deserves.”  It’s a great line, but it’s also something that is obviously mirrored when you talk to Rogen & Goldberg about weed. These guys love weed, and they’re doing everything they can to ensure that people get the opportunity to love it as much as they do.

houseplant seth rogen
Photo Via Houseplant

That’s where Houseplant, or more specifically the Houseplant beverages, come into play. Coming in both Lemon and Grapefruit flavours, these drinks are refreshing, cannabis-infused sparkling waters with a fantastic taste. They each carry 2.5mg of Sativa-dominant THC, which is a very accessible amount for just about anyone. Anyone of legal age, of course.

And accessibility is truly at the top of Houseplant’s to-do list. In a recent Zoom call with Curiocity, Rogen, Goldberg, and Houseplant CCO Haneen Davies explained that beverages are a great way to introduce people to weed. After all, everyone knows how to tip a beverage back, right?

houseplant vancouver seth rogen

Plus (and Seth Rogen was passionate about this point) what we’re usually tipping back is slowly killing us all. Sure, there’s nothing wrong with a few drinks here and there, but we’re all well aware that alcohol is not healthy. Instead, Houseplant is making a big push for cannabis consumption through beverages to be a new wave. With no sugar, low calories, and that sparkling water fizz we all love, we won’t be surprised for these to usher in a new norm.

Plus, with Halloween weekend coming up, snagging a couple of Houseplant beverages for your low-key spooky Saturday night may be the perfect play. If that’s not your style, toss a few in the fridge for the holidays. Lord knows we all have a few family members who would be much better company after a Houseplant bevy instead of a few rum & eggnogs.

Houseplant can be found all the way across Canada, so feel free to check online to see exactly where to find them. In the meantime, stay safe and stay friendly, folks!