Sometimes we all crave a little raw meat… No? That’s just us? Jokes… But it turns out a raw meat fave is no longer available in New Brunswick much to the surprise of local chefs and restauranteurs. So if you were looking forward to enjoying tartare in New Brunswick, tough luck buddy. Let’s get into it.

Recently, several local restaurants have gotten visits from public health officials and a stern warning about what is and isn’t allowed when it comes to meat. That warning detailed rules which state that restaurants cannot serve meat at less than 63 degrees Celsius aka medium-rare steak. So, New Brunswickers can’t get those delicious rare steaks they crave.

Nor can they get other raw dishes like tartare, which would have us in an uproar.

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The reason why this is suddenly a common issue is due to the New Brunswick Food Premises Regulations which were, adopted in 2009 and somewhat quietly revised in 2020.

Now restauranteurs and chefs are reeling as there is little hope for them to continue serving customers their favorite rare meat dishes. According to the CBC, however, these businesses may apply to apply for specific authorizations that would allow them to continue to serve these dishes. Business owners themselves have been quick to point out that this process could be lengthy and difficult.

Many restaurateurs have also pointed out that eating raw or rare meat is pretty much the same risk as other habits like smoking cigarettes. So tartare or cigarettes, folks, the choice is yours. But either way, you won’t be having one in New Brunswick restaurant anytime soon.