From coast to coast, Canadians are finally being given the chance to rediscover ‘normal,’ but – if we’re being candid, it’s been terrifying. After a year of staying home, without friends and family gatherings, we’ve slipped into some terrible habits and unlearnt practically everything that we knew about socializing. Some of us are in serious need of some therapy, but for one reason or another, only a few will actually get it. Luckily, we still have pop culture – and yes we’re serious. You’re not alone in the way that you’re feeling – some musicians, creators and comedians feel it too – and over the next few years, it’s inevitable that we see it portrayed on screen.

In fact, those who have been binging their way through every streaming platform in order to cope have probably watched something that helped them come to terms with whatever it is that they’re dealing with or at the very least, help them take their mind off of it for a while.

For a ton of you, we’d be willing to bet that it was Bo Burnham: Inside, a painfully honest comedy special – and we use that term loosely; Not because it wasn’t funny on the surface, but because the read-between-the-lines-content was uncomfortably relatable.

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For those of you who haven’t seen it, we’d definitely recommend checking it out – and wouldn’t you know it, you’re in luck!

This weekend, Netflix has partnered with select theatres across Canada and will show inside on the silver screen.

Those in Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary and Edmonton are all among cities that will be able to catch the special between now and the 25th – so hit them up – even only to listen to your favourite track on speakers louder than the ones in your car.

To purchase tickets you can visit this website here, select your theatre and reserve your seat. Considering how popular the film has been, we can only imagine that they’ll go pretty quick so don’t hesitate, and please – be safe, be smart, be kind and for the love of Yonce, talk to each other. We’ve been through it and your feelings are valid.  See you out there!


When: Until Sunday, July 25th