Our apartment is starting to feel pretty stuffy. The walls are closing in and despite wishing we could socialize or walk around all willy nilly, we’ve been advised to stay home. However, thanks to Explore Live Cams, we can actually check out oceans, zoos, and even the African Savannah right from our couch!

We’re not going to lie to you guys, it took us a minute to write this article simply because we got caught up watching space and pandas for over an hour and a half.

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This is quality entertainment, folks! We know for a fact that most of you with a dog or cat have spent half of your time in quarantine just staring at them while they sleep, anyway. How about maybe giving your pooch a break, and catch an aurora borealis over Manitoba, or a seal pup in Maine, USA instead?

They also have cam compilations for every mood, a live chat room where you can talk with other human beings while you view, and a ‘watch all’ option. Also, each individual feed on Explore Live Cams will also give you weather updates, facts, and an exact location. These guys have gone above and beyond with this site, folks, and with an imagination, it almost feels like you’re actually there… and y’ know… not facing the wall you’ve been facing for a week straight.