Our vibe going into October is a hefty dose of spooky scary skeletons. Screw the cute fall stuff, we wanna be scared out of our minds! This collection of haunted ghost tours and walks around Toronto should be on your weekend to-do list throughout October if you’re feeling us.

The Haunted Walk of Toronto hosts 6 different paranormal adventures for you to explore. First, the Original Haunted Walk of Toronto explores spine-tingling ghost stories from the oldest parts of the city. Then, the Ghost and Spirits of the Distillery turns your favourite district into a spooky zone.

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Perhaps you want to add a tour of Toronto’s famously haunted Mackenzie House to your day? Or stroll through Black Creek Pioneer Village and hope monsters don’t get ya?

Maybe you’re bold enough for the Haunting at Black Creek, which is so scary you have to be over 18 to go. Sorry, kids. Go watch Disney Halloween.

Finally, students can explore ghostly tales in the halls of U of T. Maybe your chem lecture is haunted? Ah, maybe you just mixed the wrong chemicals.

Check them all out right here, and have a happy October!