Seattle certainly has its positives and negatives. According to a new ranking, it appears there are a lot more positives than any of us may have known. Seattle just ranked as the nation’s top city for work-life balance and here’s why.

A new report by Kisi has ranked cities around the world based on their level of work intensity, by collecting data on overworking, holiday allowances, the number of vacation days taken, inflation, and parental leave days.

It also looks at how much support each city provides to its residents during difficult circumstances like the pandemic, as well as the quality of healthcare, access to mental healthcare, and the extent of gender and LGBT+ equality.

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Finally, the report examines each city’s liveability, including how affordable it is, the happiness levels of its residents, and access to cultural and leisure activities outside of working hours. Safety, outdoor amenities, and overall health levels were also taken into account.

Seattle ranked number one in the USA for work-life balance with an overall score of 88.38. We ranked 32nd on the global list, a few spots down from our 2021 ranking of 29th place. Interestingly, we’re followed directly by our southern neighbor Portland, they ranked in 33rd place globally with an overall score of 88.2.

Now because we’re sure you’re curious, let’s take a global look.

According to Kisi, the most overworked cities in the world are Dubai, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, and Montevideo in Uruguay.

As for the places with the best work-life balance, it’s almost exclusively Nordic cities. Olso, Norway landed in 1st place, followed by Bern, Switzerland, Helsinki, Zurich, and Copenhagen.