Happy New Year, Seattle! In case you missed it, fireworks returned to the Seattle Space Needle to ring in the new year, and it was the first live fireworks display since 2019. To commemorate such a return, the Needle went big with the display using both pyrotechnics and drones. Here are the best pictures and videos of the Seattle Space Needle fireworks!

To start off, here’s a bright set of photos showing off both the fireworks and the drone display.

If you’re curious about how the drones worked, here’s a little behind the scenes photo shared by the Space Needle.

Seattleites had plenty to say on the internet about the drones dropping in late. But hey, a show is better than nothing right?

If you missed the fireworks, here’s the whole show condensed into a video thats under a minute long.

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Here’s another series of photos that are equally bright, but also show off the smoke that obscured some peoples views.

Not all of us have the ability to get up close and personal with the needle so seeing views of the fireworks from up close are always great to see.

Here’s one more!

Enjoy the little recap of the Seattle New Years fireworks and have a great first week!