Seattle will soon be among the first locations in North America to deploy double-decker electric buses with inductive wireless charging, according to InductEV.

InductEV announced that Sound Transit ordered “48 wirelessly charging electric buses, including 33 double-deckers from Alexander Dennis, one of the world’s leading independent global bus manufacturers and a subsidiary of NFI Group Inc.”

According to the company, this will make Sound Transit the 7th transit agency in Washington State to deploy InductEV’s patented wireless charging technology.

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Image via InductEV

The company states that its “technology avoids wired, depot-oriented charging methods that consume considerable real estate and electric utility assets while allowing smooth, high-powered wireless charging interoperability for both double-decker and 60′ articulated electric buses on BRT high-end commuter routes.”

Sound Transit will be charging its buses on-route as well as in depots, they state.

The InductEV technology first debuted in Wenatchee, WA, with Link Transit back in 2017.

Since then, they say that several other transit agencies embraced the technology to reduce their carbon footprints and fuel costs, with Sound Transit being the latest.

“It’s about more than just buses. It’s about transforming communities, reducing emissions, and creating greener, more efficient transportation systems,” says Brandon Anulewicz, Chief Revenue Officer for InductEV.

“We continue to work closely with local agencies to facilitate the expansion of statewide wireless networks, connecting Washington communities and spearheading sustainable transportation solutions.”

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