Honestly, we don’t need reward programs and prizes to explore our bright and beautiful city and the talent it houses. That being said, rewards and prizes do make supporting local a lot more satisfying. And that’s exactly what Seattle Restored has done for us… made supporting local more satisfying, courtesy of their new digital passport. And it’s free!

At this point, we hardly think any introductions are necessary. On the off chance though you are still not aware of Seattle Restored, let us fill you in.

Seattle Restored is an initiative started by Shunpike, Seattle Good Business Network and the Seattle Office of Economic Development. The initiative provides local artists and entrepreneurs with equitable access to economic opportunities.

Seattle Restored
Photo via Seattle Restored

How do they do that? By connecting these artists and entrepreneurs with empty storefronts. So, they can set up pop-up shops and display their work/products. They also help local talent negotiate long-term leasing opportunities with property owners, thereby supporting the latter too.

And they are now letting us redeem rewards and win a grand prize simply for exploring these pop-up shops, installations, window displays and more. They are doing this with the help of their newly launched digital passport.

So, What exactly is the digital passport and how does it work?

Well, the digital passport is a unique and free mobile-exclusive experience featuring handpicked retailers and captivating art installations. Every time you visit a Seattle Restored event, retail pop-up, QR code window shopping experience, or window art display, you can “check-in.” This will earn you points and unlock exciting rewards.

Seattle Restored
Photo via Seattle Restored

All you have to do is opt in to the passport on the Seattle Restored website and you will receive it instantly via text. Then browse the passport for details on participating locations throughout iconic Seattle neighborhoods, including Downtown, Pioneer Square, Chinatown International District, and Magnolia. There are over 20 venues, so you have plenty of exploring and reward-redeeming opportunities.

Once you’re at the venue, open your passport, select the venue you are at and hit “Check in,” to earn points and redeem rewards. The rewards include everything from locally-made soaps to canvas bags to sweatshirts.

In addition to earning points, by checking in, you also earn a chance to win a grand prize. You just need to check in once between June 1st and September 30th, 2023, to enter the draw.

Head over to the Seattle Restored website below to get your free digital passport right away. Then go exploring and supporting local artists and entrepreneurs.