There’s more than meets the eye when it comes to the Seattle Public Library. Not only is it a great system with millions of books, digital items, and equipment but it’s also the home of many pieces of local history. Luckily for you, SPL’s digital special collections allow you to check out these pieces of history from the comfort of home.

Whether you’re a history buff or simply curious, the Seattle Public Library’s digital special collections are a great resource to browse. What’s extra cool about the resources available online is that they come from the Central Library’s Seattle Room. That means you can explore the history of the city through postcards, photographs, periodicals, maps, menus, and more.

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Some of the collections that you can view online include the Black Culture and History Collection, Century 21 Digital Collection, Northwest Art Collection, and more. Each of these collections has a unique assortment of digital files ranging from images to flyers to newsletters that give you a look into the past. What’s more, viewing these items online allows you to get just as close without worrying about damaging the original items.

So while the Seattle Public Library is operating under reduced hours, a visit to the online special collections is well worth your time. Swap your Instagram doom scrolling for some special collections digital digging, who knows what you’ll discover. Have a great weekend, Seattle.