Sometimes it feels crazy to think that weed was once illegal here. After all Seattle and the west coast as a whole has always kind of been a weed-centric place. Now it looks like a new class of drugs might become decriminalized due to new studies. Have any guesses about what class of drugs we’re talking about?

If you said psychedelics you are correct. Now, it won’t just be any psychedelics and we have a feeling that the big driver here is psychedelic mushrooms. After all, multiple studies have shown that mushrooms can actually help treat mental health disorders. So this would be a welcome change in our books.

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Members of the Seattle City Council are working on creating new legislation that would decriminalize these drugs. Right now, 7 out of 9 council members have signed a letter that calls for “recommendations to liberalize policy on entheogens”. In case you didn’t know, mushrooms are considered an entheogen.

We hope to see this legislation pass as it would be great to see Seattleites have access to other modalities of treatment. After all treatment and healing is not a one size fits all process. If it passes we hope to see the rest of the state follow suit with making this drug safely available and decriminalized. Before we leave you with this info, the legislation is expected to be considered closer to this fall so be sure to keep your eyes peeled.

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