Seattle is back in a new ranking for an unsurprising reason, rent prices. A new Zumper report took a look at the most expensive cities to rent in the metro area. Ready to see just where Seattle sits in comparison to some of our neighboring cities? Let’s take a look.

Firstly how was the data calculated? Basically, Zumper analyzed active listings that hit the market last month and each listing was aggregated by city to calculate median rents. And that data ranked Seattle as the fourth most expensive metro city to rent in.

According to the Zumper report, the average cost of a 1 bedroom apartment in Seattle is $1,750, which reflects a 3.6% month-to-month increase and a 9.4% year-to-year increase.

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Photo via Zumper

That rent is much higher than the median price of a 1 bedroom apartment in Washington, which was $1,430 last month. Now, what about the rest of the cities? Well, Bellevue came out on top with an average 1 bedroom rent of $2,100, then Kirkland at $1,980 and Redmond at $1,960. Not too surprising is it?

Well if you’re wondering where you should live for cheaper rent, consider Bellingham. Last month, the average 1 bedroom rental price was $1,170 although it did experience a 3.5% increase from last year. So take from that data what you will, Washington isn’t cheap but the study does provide useful information if you’re looking to move soon. You can learn more by clicking here.