Seattle is a big biking city but if you don’t know your way around, it’s not exactly the easiest place to navigate. And if you rely on your phone, you’ll know that Apple Maps isn’t much help. But luckily for Seattle bikers, that is changing. Because Apple Maps cycling directions are now available in Seattle!

Now it’s always best to just learn the streets but sometimes we all need a little help figuring out where to go. And sometimes we experience surprises when we’re out on the road. Things like construction, road closures, or god forbid stairs. And that’s why Apple Maps is great because they let you know the elevation, how busy it is, and if there are interruptions along the route.

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Now surprisingly, cycling maps are available in a very limited number of places. The only other places where Apple maps cycling directions are available are California, mainland China, London UK, New York, and Portland. So for a company that seems to be so far ahead, it’s clear that they have a lot of work to do when it comes to maps.

If you’d like to check it out, all you have to do is open the maps app on your iPhone. And if you want to see where else other kinds of Apple Maps are available, you can click here. If you hit the road, be sure to wear a helmet, and of course, have fun!