Rocks are everywhere, some are pretty, some are inconspicuous, some are large, some are small. They’re just as unique as each of us. That being said, Seattle is home to a rock that has something extra unique about it, it points through the center of the earth all the way to Ireland. We’re talking about the Seattle and Galway stones .

Many cities across the country have sister cities but our relationship with Galway is extra special. That’s because it is directly across or through the earth from us depending on how you look at it. The Seattle rock was installed in 1998 and has been a little known secret of the waterfront Pier 66 ever since.

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Today, if you visit the waterfront you’ll find a large rock monument that “points” to Galway, indicating the direction of a line straight through the planet. Also on the rock you’ll find a surveyor’s mark indicating the latitude and longitude of the other rock’s location as well as the distance. Additionally you can read a description of the project in two languages.

The Seattle and Galway stones are yet another fun and unique piece of our city’s history that you might otherwise overlook. So next time you’re on the waterfront be sure to keep your eyes peeled. Psst the stone is located at 2112 Alaskan Way. Have fun out there!