If you’ve been outdoors recently you may have noticed that Seattle is socked in. The city is covered by fog and if it has you feeling like you’re living in Silent Hill, don’t worry it’s not here to stay. Let’s see what the weather has in store for us this week.

The National Weather Service issued a dense fog advisory which is in effect until noon on Tuesday. That same advisory also included an air stagnation warning which remains in effect until noon tomorrow Wednesday, January 26th. Together these two warnings mean “deteriorating air quality” and for the dense fog advisory “visibility one-quarter mile or less in dense fog.”

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With rain in the forecast on Friday, it looks like we’ll be back to our regularly scheduled doom and gloom instead of our San Francisco-esc fog. Until then or when the advisory officially lifts, Washingtonians with respiratory issues are encouraged to stay indoors and also not to burn items unless absolutely necessary.

As for why the fog is sticking around, you can thank the high-pressure system that has formed over the city. The high-pressure systems create little to no wind which is the perfect environment for fog to form as well as that nasty air stagnation. With all that in mind, there is light err rain at the end of the tunnel.