While Washington has plenty of amazing caves and even a historic grotto, it doesn’t hurt to hit the road and see what our neighboring states have to offer. Especially because Oregon is home to the largest sea cave in the US – The Sea Lion Caves, and they’re just a six-hour drive from Seattle. Buckle up because it’s time to take a trip!

The caves are located in Florence Oregon and are part of an environment formed over 25 million years ago. The caves are made from naturally formed basalt rock and are over 12 stories high and as wide as a football field, making them a breathtaking site to visit. According to the Sea Lion Caves, they are “comparable both in size and coloration to the famed Blue Grotto of Capri in the Mediterranean.”

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What makes them even more impressive is the fact that they are home to hundreds of stellar sea lions. The sea lions are wild and they frequent the cave depending on their needs each season which means you’re likely to catch a glimpse of these fascinating creatures

As the caves are a privately owned wildlife refuge, they are accessible via a self-guided tour. You’ll get to learn about the cave’s formation and history as well as its local history. Of course, you’ll also get to learn about the resident sea lions and take in the amazing sites and sounds.

So if you’re looking for one last summer road trip, let this be it.

Sea Lion Caves

Where: 91560 Hwy. 101 N., Florence, OR
Hours: Open daily from 9 AM-5:30 PM
Cost: $18

Information on the Sea Lion Caves comes from the Sea Lion Caves and is accurate as of publication date.