Commuting to and from downtown can be an ordeal, especially during rush hour. But, commuters may have the option to ditch the busy roads and take a sea bus in Toronto instead.

Waterfront Toronto plans to conduct a water taxi and sea bus feasibility study and has issued a request for proposals to do so.

The corporation has major projects in the works to revitalize the city’s waterfront, and that includes enhancing water-based transportation options.

Waterfront Toronto is seeking services for a consultant to complete a study about the feasibility of an “enhanced public marine transportation network” in the city.

A popular SeaBus passenger ferry exists in the Metro Vancouver area, and we imagine that the goal would be to create something similar here in Toronto.

“The revitalization of Toronto’s waterfront has had an impact on the marine uses in this area, resulting in a growing demand and interest in Lake Ontario by water-based recreation and transportation,” says the proposal request.

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Waterfront Toronto says that there are several transit projects in the works around the waterfront, and they plan to improve connectivity by adding boardwalks and pedestrian bridges.

The corporation also has plans to create new lakefront attractions, green spaces, and communities, including an all-electric neighbourhood with hundreds of homes.

A similar watercraft project is also in the works in Ontario. A hovercraft service connecting Toronto and the Niagara region is set for completion in 2024.

The high-speed transit service will transport people across Lake Ontario between Ontario Place in Toronto, and Port Weller in St. Catharines in half an hour.

Transit goers can anticipate up to 48 lake crossings per day and each craft holds up to 180 passengers in a climate-controlled cabin.

We would trade a cramped streetcar for a sea bus in Toronto any day, especially in the summer.