Ready for another weird Ontario attraction? The “Screaming Heads” Midlothian Castle and Gallery is unlike anything else in our province, and that’s exactly what makes it worth the trip.

According to Explore Maguin, this fascinating spot is the creative project and home of a retired art teacher named Peter Camani.

He is not only a former teacher but a renowned artist himself, with his paintings hanging in some of the world’s most important places, like the Vatican and Buckingham Palace.

One visit to the castle will make you wish you were a student in Mr. Camani’s art class because it is truly spectacular.

The 310-acre farm has been completely transformed into a sculpture garden and artistic structure known as the Midlothian Castle.

His unusual residence is surrounded by over 100 larger-than-life sculptures — each one stands about 20 feet tall and weighs up to 30 tonnes.

Among these sculptures are a bunch of carvings that resemble faces with their mouths wide open, hence the name “screaming heads.”

The castle itself is a former farmhouse. It’s guarded by a “fire-breathing dragon which sits on the chimney and emits smoke whenever the fireplace is used” says Explore Maguin.

Not only that, but gargoyles sit on top of a fence surrounding the castle. Clearly, Peter Camani wanted to keep his fortress well-protected.

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The sculptor has been adding to his collection for over 30 years. Most recently, he added the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse and the Primeval Forest, which includes 80 screaming trees.

There is meaning behind his project too. According to Explore Maguin, these otherworldly creations serve as a “warning about environmental degradation.”

Visitors are invited to wander the magical property and explore Camani’s ever-evolving collection of works.

It’s free to visit but there is a donation box at the entrance for those who wish to support his art.

Now that you know what it’s all about, it’s time to hop in the car and step into Peter Camani’s fascinating world yourself.

“Screaming Heads” Midlothian Castle and Gallery

Where: Midlothian Road, 5 km from Highway 520, Burk’s Falls