We can all agree that any opportunity to save some money for more gifts is a total win. Lucky for us, NO FRILLS® is the perfect shop to get you loaded up with all the essentials and more.. There is no shame in appreciating a good deal, but it can be intimidating out there. 2 for 1, price match, buy 3 get 1 free, points?! What does it all mean? Don’t worry, the NO FRILLS® is here to show you that you’re not in this alone. 

2020 has been seriously lacking in blockbuster franchise releases, but NO FRILLS® doesn’t want to leave you hanging. That’s why they’ve brought a whole new comic universe to life. World, meet The Haulerverse

The 60-sec animated adventure follows a team of skilled Haulers in an action-packed fight against frills while they pick up some sweet savings along the way.

The people of the Hauleverse all love a great deal but some rise above as Hauleverse superheroes. And, over the next couple of weeks, we’ll be introducing you to all the Haulerverse superheroes. So, keep your eyes peeled to our stories to get to know these savvy Haulers!

Rounding out the team of Hauler Superheroes is one of their own.

This is Hank AKA the Deal Slinger.

no frills hank

As NO FRILLS® newest associate Hank wears his store t-shirt with pride. He slings deals with his supersonic laser-shooting price gun and shows these frills who’s boss, or at least who’s the next associate store manager. With great deals comes great responsibility and Hank takes his duty of stocking shelves very seriously. Hank can finesse his way around NO FRILLS® like a ninja helping every customer locate any item from milk to that spice you can hardly pronounce. Yep, Hank is an all-around good guy and the community loves him. He walks down the aisles with swag, but Hank when you’re done checking prices and taking names there’s a clean-up on aisle 5.
Price. Check. Mate.

You better believe Hank and everyone at NO FRILLS® is here to guide you making sure you are getting deals you love. So go ahead and haul it up. Get some unreal deals on your groceries so you can spend your money on what really matters.

We’ll see you there!