Need a change of scenery? What if we said that you could actually get paid to move to one of the most beautiful places on the globe? Located on the Mediterranean Sea, the Stunning island of Sardinia will actually pay you to move there in hopes of bringing more young people to areas with a dwindling population.

Recognized as the second largest island in the area (right behind Siciliy), Sardinia is surrounded by clear water and blue sky. Sadly, however, its rural towns and villages have experienced a significant drop in population – but they have a plan!

As the European tourism website, Travel Tomorrow, reports – the Government will be offering a grant of £12,700 (approx $19,426.95 CAD) to those willing to pack their bags and begin calling the island home as long as they play by a few rules.

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First, the cash must be used to either purchase or renovate an existing property, and second?

This home must be located in a municipality with fewer than 3,000 inhabitants and according to, the grant should also not exceed half of the purchase or renovation costs.

Still, while you will definitely have to put some thought into this before diving in – it might be worth it for a new experience!

Maybe you’re an expert builder, maybe you’re burnt out and are looking for a new adventure. Whatever it is, opportunities don’t come around every day.

Sardinia is calling, It’s up to you to answer!