We love us a good tasting. And we love it even more when it happens to be something as unique as the one Sensei Bar is currently hosting. The popular resto-bar, as you might well be aware, is known for its Asian-forward cuisine and the innovative cocktails they pair with their inspired delicacies. And they are now bringing the ultimate sake tasting experience to us. Enter: Sake 101!

For the uninitiated, Sake is the National Beverage of Japan and is inarguably one of the most complex alcoholic bevies. There are several different varieties, each with its own unique characteristics and subtleties. And Sake 101 takes you on a journey of understanding this flavour-rich, complex drink.

Your guide on this journey will be renowned international Sommelier Amane Kanai. There are two different interactive tasting sessions— Ninja Package and Samurai Package. Of course, you can choose based on your drinking preference.

sensei bar sake tasting
via Sensei Bar

In case, you’re wondering what each of these entails, well, here it is—


This is for those who enjoy and want to unravel the nuances of everyday drinking sake. There will be three brews in this with a focus on Junmai, Honjozo and some Ginjo. Rich in body, feeling and flavour, you can be quite experimental with these sakes in food pairing and also serving temps.

sensei bar sake tasting
via Sensei Bar


The sakes in this session are hand-crafted and milled to low polishing rates. Naturally then, these are for drinkers who prefer fine bevies that have been royally treated. The three brews in this group are focused on Daiginjo and Ginjo sakes. These have a clean finish and pair well with subtle food flavours.

To take these sake tasting several notches higher, Sensei is also hosting Sake paired dinners on request for groups of 10+. Which means that there will be even more great food to team with the fine sips.

If you’re drooling already, well, check out the Sensei Bar website below to book your Sake 101 sesh!


When: 1520 14 St SW, Calgary