Despite what our parents told us, not all of us are fit to be sent to space. Some of us are claustrophobic and most of us either have severe anxiety or wouldn’t last a day eating dehydrated food. Inanimate objects, however, will always meet the requirements so maybe we should aspire to create something that can get shot upwards in our place. Don’t think it can happen to you? Neither did Samuel Peralta, a Canadian author, and physicist whose books were just chosen to be sent to the moon.

Dr. Peralta’s books Memory’s Children and Future Chronicles will be among the few that will be included in a time capsule that will be aboard Astrobotic’s Peregrine Mission One, a NASA-organized flight set to launch in July of this year.

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The included capsule aptly named the Writers on the Moon Project, will include works from artists all over the globe including the US, Europe, and Asia in addition to Canada.

“Our hope is that travellers finding this capsule will discover some of the richness of our world today,” said Samuel Peralta in a press release. “It speaks to the idea that, despite wars and pandemics and climate upheaval, humankind found time to dream.”

Ah. Maze. Ing! There you have it, friends. Science rules, books are cool and Dr. Peralta is the GOAT. If you could send anything to space for future space critters to find, what would it be? Let us know on social media! Congrats Doc!